The Guild of Students invites you to celebrate the end of the year in style at Grad Ball 2018 on Thursday 7th June!

For one night only campus will be transformed to bring you:

  • DINNER: Get on your glad rags and get ready to enjoy a delicious three course meal
  • THE EVENT: A BIG night of live music (line-up TBA), fairground rides and much more!
  • AFTER PARTY: Head back to the Guild for one last big night out. Grad Ball 2018 will be a night to remember!
  • The Graduation Ball 2018 is a fundraising event held to generate funds for the charity, University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Any questions?

How do I purchase my GradBall ticket?

You can only buy your tickets through this webpage or the Guild of Students app. Simply click ‘Log in’ in the top right hand corner of this page, then follow the links to buy your GradBall tickets.


I’m having problems paying – what should I do?

First, make sure you're typing in the correct card details - it's easy to forget whether the bank has your home or term-time address. Make sure you enter the address you registered your card to, and not just where you happen to be living now. The most common problem we had last year was ticket buyers being told they had "insufficient authorisation" because their address details didn’t match those held by their bank. Check and double check what you're inputting. If that doesn't solve the problem, send us an email to and we'll do our best to help you. You'll make it easy for us by including your full name, student number AND a screenshot of your problem.

When can you help me with a problem?

Remember, although we can check email and social media during office hours, we aren’t able to respond at all hours of the night! Please bear with us and don’t expect an immediate response if, for example, it’s 2am in the morning. We will be able to provide support on Tuesday 2nd May until 9pm, and then 9am -5pm for the rest of the week.

What do the different types of ticket include?
  1. VIP (on sale 5pm) Includes everything: Dinner, Event & After Party access. Cost £77.00 + booking fee
  2. EVENT & AFTER PARTY (on sale 6pm) Includes Event and After Party access. Cost £47.00 + booking fee
  3. DINNER & EVENT (on sale 6pm) Includes the dinner and event only. Cost £70.00 + booking fee
  4. EVENT ONLY (on sale 6pm) Includes event only. Cost £40.00 + booking fee.
How many tickets can I buy?

VIP tickets and Dinner Only tickets are limited to TWO per student. Event & After Party and Event Only tickets are limited to FOUR per student.

Priority Pass holders can purchase ONE ticket during the PreSale period.

Can non-UOB students attend?

Yes, but only as guests of UOB students. If you’d like to bring a guest, you’ll need to ensure they have proof-of-age I.D. (over 18s only!) and that you accompany them throughout the night.

When do I need to pick up my paper ticket?

Once you have purchased your ticket online, you will need to pick up your paper ticket from the Guild to guarantee entry. Bring your email confirmation along to the pod (outside Spar) on the following days between 2pm-8pm to collect your Grad Ball entry ticket:

  • Wednesday 30th May
  • Thursday 31st May
  • Friday 1st June
  • Saturday 2nd June
  • Sunday 3rd June
  • Monday 4th June
  • Tuesday 5th June
  • Wednesday 6th June